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                版權所有?上海中銳教育■發展有限公司  滬ICP備19016652號


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                School Profile

                Walton International Academy Wuxi

                School Profile


                Walton International Academy Wuxi

                Walton International Academy Wuxi (formally known as Wuxi EtonHouse International School) is a premier international school in Wuxi with over 10 years of history. As a fully licensed school, we deliver an international curriculum based on best practices from all over the world and offer classes for learners from 2 to 18 years old. Walton International Academy Wuxi is a quality school by Chiway Education Group. Chiway Education Group has been exploring talent cultivation models since 1996. The group directly operates over 10 schools and education institutions, which in total accommodate for more than 10,000 students and staff members. Meanwhile, over 30 schools and institutions are under trusteeship or joint operation with nearly 20,000 students enrolled.